Cristina Olsen, PhD, CPCC
Certified Life Coach
Nathaniel Emmert-Keaton is one of the most perceptive and intuitive coaches I have ever known, as well as a person of great integrity and honesty. I have had the privilege of attending advanced coach training and business building workshops with him during this past year, and three months ago I hired him as my personal memoir writing coach.

Even though we coach over the phone, Nathaniel has the uncanny ability to make his full presence known so that it feels as if he’s sitting right there next to me. He is a man with a big heart and a shining spirit, and after every coaching session I feel blessed and energized to forge through my writing blockages, fears, and sense of inadequacy.

Nathaniel is truly interested in the story I have to tell, and he asks questions about my life that not even I would think of asking myself. It is thanks to those questions that my story gains more and more clarity, and after so many years of plodding through the pages I can finally see this book taking shape. Now, thanks to Nathaniel, writing feels like an adventure instead of a dreaded necessity.